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A nice surprise for a pregnant mommy

Two days ago Jake, an old friend, told me to join him for a relaxing afternoon so I turned my webcam off and headed to the big shopping center downtown. He insisted to buy some baby things for the coming little one and I simply couldn’t say no. While I rested my pregnant belly on a bench, he bought a handful of toys and landed me a hand by carrying them all the way to my apartment. Of course I invited him for a drink and curiously skimmed through the toys. Here is what he bought: a big brown smiling pillow, a choo choo train, several fluffy animals, two orange rubber balls and…eatable lingerie. Can’t get more subtle than that, now can you? My pregnant pussy cared for some fun and I quickly putt on that yummy desert, ready to get eaten the right way. And he had an incredible appetite, licking every last desert bit off my body…Click here to view our last show pics and here to view our profile and find out more about us.