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An impossible big ass tease

Marshall, an old regular, was well known for his ability to not get aroused if he didn’t want to. He accidentally joined my webcams and before I got to start shaking my big ass he shared his impressive ability. I refused to believe that and dared him to come at my place to prove me wrong. Two hours later he was knocking on my door smiling with confidence. Grabbed his arm, pulled him inside with no mercy and pushed him on on the sofa. Then I folded his arms as tight as I could and got along with my nasty big ass act. Slowly peeled off my tight black pants and opened my shirt for better exposure. After that I left my shirt aside and bended over with my wet pussy revealing itself through the thin panties. The moment I let my tiny panties slip slowly on the floor his cock got extremely hard. He failed to be indifferent and I punished him for fake bragging. I approached him in slow motion and very very slowly sat on the tip of his cock, not going all the way down. He went absolutely crazy and when I did ease my vagina down his dick, he instantly came inside me…That should teach him a big ass lesson.Click here to view our last show pics and here to view our profile and find out more about us.