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Watching “Silence of the lambs” with Jerry

Whenever my computer breaks down I have to immediately call Jerry because having my audience wait for me is not an option. Fortunately it just needed to be formated so my webcam activity wasn’t gonna be on hold for too long. While waiting for the formatting to finish up I thought that it would be a great idea to watch the Silence of the lambs DVD that I bought and couldn’t watch by my own. So I slide it into the DVD player and we made ourselves comfortable. In fact Jerry made himself so comfortable that he got one of his hands down my pants and panties, squeezing my butt cheeks. The movie started and soon after it got to the scary stuff but it was ok cause every time I felt terrified Jerry’s fingering kept me calm… The movie seemed even less scary as I got ass fucked…Click here to see the new show pics and here for detailed information about us.