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Month: December, 2017

Miles and Miles of Pussy

Holy hell just have a look at what I’ve found. An Amateur Porn Discounts digest of sorts. A compendium of porn specials with rates stripped to the bone.

I see some deals for as low as 5 bucks for a 30-day pass and then there are some lifetime deals discounted by well over 50%, some even more than 70%.

A lifetime membership by the way, means that your monthly fee is fixed forever. For the rest of your mortality at least. It is in other word free from inflation. I can’t think of any other deal where this applies. In 5 years the ten or so bucks you spend on a membership today will be even cheaper and in 10 years it will be like it’s for free.

I see there are quite a few not so amateur sites on the list too, so we are certainly spoiled for choice.