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Month: December, 2018

It’s How I Meet New People

I’ve always been an introvert. I come from a rather large family and I’m definitely the shy one of the group. I’m an attractive guy and I think that makes it worse. Because of my looks, everyone expects me to have this outgoing personality to match, but that’s not the case. Interacting with people can make me break out in hives. I don’t like taking medication, so it’s just something I deal with. So, you can imagine I don’t have a really active dating life. One of the guys I play games with online told me I should check out webcams. He thought they might work out nicely for me.

Right away I found Pavlok20082 and felt like it was meant to be. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Webcams allow me to have as much personal interaction as I want, or I can just sit back and quietly watch her. It’s perfect for awkward guys like me. There are so many wonderful options to choose from that there’s surely something for everyone to enjoy.

Tell Her Your Secret Desires

I’ve done the long distance relationship thing a couple of times. It never works out and I never stay faithful. The one thing I do enjoy though is the phone sex and naughty cam “dates”. Seeing my girlfriend spread her legs in front of a camera and plunge a fat dildo into that tight pussy is glorious. It’s something I never would have been lucky enough to see her do in person. Both girls also wore sexy outfits and lingerie to impress me on cam far more than they ever did in person.

Now that I am in a relationship with a girl I see in person almost daily, I find myself missing the sexy cam stuff. As a result, I am still hitting up webcam sites pretty regularly. The chicks I find on are happy to pretend to be my girlfriend. I can tell them all of my dirty desires and they will sometimes cater to them. Although I will never get to actually touch any of these babes, it does still feel a bit like having an affair. I love that about it.

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Sharing Interests with Cam Girls

Cam girls are real people with real interests and lives. It can be easy to forget that sometimes when you are trying to get your money’s worth. Yet at the same time, that is a huge part of why I have started to prefer amateur porn cams over studio porn sites. I like that these chicks feel like real girlfriends, or even just strangers willing to cum with me. They are accessible and a lot of times, sweet and charming.

This morning, I was in free chat with a model who really showed just how much like the rest of us she is. There were a few of us in the room when someone mentioned that the Avengers 4 trailer had finally dropped. Her eyes lit up like Christmas morning and she said we should all watch it together because she had to see it right away. So we watched the Avengers: Endgame trailer in sex chat. Then afterwards, she discussed it with us like a truly excited fan girl, all while playing with her naked tits and saying how she fantasizes about a threesome with Captain America and Black Widow.

I was totally won over by her and took her into private where we engaged in some roleplay and I blew a huge load. It was a really great time. I live these personal moments that only live cam shows can give.