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Category: Dating

Some basic truths about Adult Dating

Online dating is a double edged sword. I guess that’s the best way to describe it. It’s also the fairest way to describe it. You see, a lot of guys get all excited about online dating. They think that all their male fantasies will come true because hey, let’s face it: it’s online, it’s anonymous, what can possibly go wrong?

Well, it turns up that if you’re having a tough time trying to get laid at your local bar or dance club, chances are you’re also going to have a tough time at online dating. Whatever insecurities or problems that you may have in the offline world, would be translated to the world of adult dating. That is the fundamental truth about online dating that most guys would rather not hear. Even when using the best that adult dating has to offer like

Most guys would rather be lied to. They would like to be comforted by the lie that hey, it’s completely online and it’s anonymous and you can be who you want and talk the way you want. Well, that is true to that extent but ultimately, the rubber has to meet the road. In other words, you have to perform and if you do not know how to communicate with females in the real world, how do you expect to communicate with female in the virtual world?

Basic human communication is the same regardless of the medium. Sure, there are different coping mechanisms and modifications that you need to adopt to maximize and optimize communications, but the same basic rules apply. If you don’t understand this, then there is no hope for you as far as getting online pussy is concerned. You have to come correct. You have to communicate the right way. Otherwise, it’s simply not going to happen.