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My Patience Finally Paid Off

For the longest time have I seen Dancing Bear clips on tube sites and it is never the full scene, in fact it is always these little teasers that end just as you get into it. More often not will you find at least some of the full scenes of just about any site if you look long and hard enough but this site, never, I have just never.

What I really enjoy about what they do is the fantasy of the women at parties having a couple of drink and getting into the party mood and with strippers around it’s just a matter of time before some of them actually get genuinely horny and with the help of a glass of wine or two build up the courage to take one of the strippers up on their relentless offers.

I love the entire interaction, seduction and the taboo of it and when I saw this special where you can get up to 67% off with a Dancing Bear discount I knew the opportunity had finally come for me to get access to the complete scenes.

Time to Spank the Monkey

Chaturbate is another sex cam site with the name suggestion emphasis be placed on masturbation as if that is not exactly what watching porn is about to begin with.

There are hundreds of models to bust a nut to. All shapes and sizes, races, blah-blah you know the drill. Point is, there is such a variety and so many online at any given time on any given day that if you can;t find someone that tickles your fancy it’s pretty safe to assume that you’re into far freakier stuff and good luck to you then.

For those of you already familiar with webcam sites you’ll know that the greater majority work on tokens. You pretty much purchase credits and certain shows cost certain amount of credits and you can even use them for encouragement and tips.

You can get 52% off Chaturbate tokens discount here.

Naughty Mag Survives the Stone Ages

Without bothering with too much research, I will have to assume that Naughty Mag was an American soft cover nudy-mag because I had never hear of it until today and i doubt very much it is because I am too young.

It is pretty damn cool nonetheless to hear about them having pulled through to the electronic media age despite not being in the same category of perhaps popularity and fame as Playboy or Hustler.

To have achieved this tells me a lot about their character and that makes it worth my while to have a closer look at. I can get this 34% off discount from NaughtyMag and support heir heroic endeavour while getting my porn kicks with someone who very clearly knows what they’re doing.

They specialise in amateur porn by the way which makes this story even more fascinating.

Miles and Miles of Pussy

Holy hell just have a look at what I’ve found. An Amateur Porn Discounts digest of sorts. A compendium of porn specials with rates stripped to the bone.

I see some deals for as low as 5 bucks for a 30-day pass and then there are some lifetime deals discounted by well over 50%, some even more than 70%.

A lifetime membership by the way, means that your monthly fee is fixed forever. For the rest of your mortality at least. It is in other word free from inflation. I can’t think of any other deal where this applies. In 5 years the ten or so bucks you spend on a membership today will be even cheaper and in 10 years it will be like it’s for free.

I see there are quite a few not so amateur sites on the list too, so we are certainly spoiled for choice.