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Tell Her Your Secret Desires

I’ve done the long distance relationship thing a couple of times. It never works out and I never stay faithful. The one thing I do enjoy though is the phone sex and naughty cam “dates”. Seeing my girlfriend spread her legs in front of a camera and plunge a fat dildo into that tight pussy is glorious. It’s something I never would have been lucky enough to see her do in person. Both girls also wore sexy outfits and lingerie to impress me on cam far more than they ever did in person.

Now that I am in a relationship with a girl I see in person almost daily, I find myself missing the sexy cam stuff. As a result, I am still hitting up webcam sites pretty regularly. The chicks I find on are happy to pretend to be my girlfriend. I can tell them all of my dirty desires and they will sometimes cater to them. Although I will never get to actually touch any of these babes, it does still feel a bit like having an affair. I love that about it.

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